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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Dreamweaver Site

By Janine Warner

What if you build a Dreamweaver website and nobody comes? Unfortunately, that problem is all too common. Driving large amounts of traffic to the pages of a site often requires an investment of time, a compelling product or message, money, a viral hit, or dumb luck.

Score high in search engines

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has evolved from an esoteric dark art to the hottest buzzword on the web. Basically, SEO is a process designed to help you attract more attention from search engines. The goal is to get your site higher on the search results page.

Scoring high in web searches is complicated because millions of sites vie for the top spots and search engines use complex formulas to determine which website should match any given keyword search. Search engines also guard their formulas for prioritizing websites and search ranking more carefully than Coca-Cola guards its recipe. Most search engines also change their formulas regularly.

A good way to start is to create a Google webmaster Tools account.

Buy traffic

In addition to the natural results that search engines deliver, buying keywords on search engines helps to ensure that your site is listed when someone searches for words that are relevant to your site, although the process is far more complex than most people realize.

Using a complex bidding process, most search engines charge significantly more for the most popular keywords. Adding to the complexity, the results of those keywords for your site can vary dramatically based on a dizzying array of factors.

Just consider the following:

  • The real art of developing a list of keywords for search engine advertising requires more than just brainstorming a few words related to your business. The best SEO companies come up with hundreds or thousands of keywords and phrases and then track the results to find the best return on each dollar spent.

  • The most sophisticated ad campaigns involve creating special web pages to go with each keyword ad. For example, you can create a special page on your Hawaiian hotel site for people who click the search term scuba diving that is different from the page for those who click the search term luau.

Google AdSense offers the largest online advertising program for keywords.

In addition to buying ads on Google, you can include Google Ads on your own website to earn advertising income with a program called Google AdWords.

Entice visitors to return for updates

One of the best ways to improve traffic to your site is through repeat visitors, and regular updates to your site can make all the difference. If you want your visitors to know when to look for updates, consider making regular changes to your website.

Regularly updating your site can also help improve your ranking on Google, which seems to favor sites that have fresh content. Adding new material can help attract more people to your site and keep them coming back.

Market a website to the media

The trick to website marketing is to tell a good story and get the attention of someone who can write about it in a publication that your target audience reads. If you’re looking for press coverage, make sure to include a Press section on your website with contact information, story ideas, and any other press coverage you’ve received.

You should never pester a reporter with a barrage of e-mails, press releases, or phone calls, but a well-timed or well-pitched message can get the attention of a reporter and the desired result — your web address in the press.

Dear fabulous technology journalist <insert that person’s name, of course, such as Dear David Pogue>:

I enjoyed reading the article you wrote on the XYZ company and thought that you might be interested in what we’re doing.

Keep your message brief, and try to include a news hook and a story idea that go beyond just promoting your business.

The power of viral marketing

Viral marketing is another marketing industry buzzword for the digital age. The idea is that a message is so exciting, fun, and compelling that people share it by passing it on to their friends, who then pass it on to their friends, until the message spreads like a virus.

Humor seems to be the most effective strategy. Funny video clips are also highly viral because they’re shared around the web.

To use viral marketing to attract traffic to your website, include a section with funny photos, industry jokes, or a top-ten list, and you might just get visitors to tell their friends about your site.


Blogs are designed for frequent updates, so creating a blog for your website makes it easy to add fresh content. If you become a blogger, you’ll also join the ranks of a prolific group of writers who regularly refer their readers to each other’s website.

For your blog to attract traffic and serve as an effective marketing tool, you must

  • Feature interesting, relevant information for your audience.

  • Update the blog regularly.

  • Take the time to participate in other blogs. Adding relevant tips and thoughtful comments to other people’s blogs is an excellent way to get their visitors to come to your website.

Gather ideas from other websites

One of the best ways to create good habits in web design is to visit the websites of others and study what works and what doesn’t on their pages. In particular:

  • Pay special attention to the title of the page, descriptive text, and keywords used throughout the site.

  • Ask yourself what you like about the site and why you like it.

  • Determine whether you can easily find the information you’re most interested in and how easily you can navigate around the site.

Sometimes the best way to discover the problems in your own website is to look for problems on someone else’s site and then return to yours with a fresh perspective.