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3 Ways to Promote Your Dreamweaver Site with Social Sites

By Janine Warner

How do you get people to visit your Dreamweaver site? This is a common problem. Improve your odds and save your budget with these social media tips, which are designed to help you attract the right visitors to your website.

Use social networking sites for promotion

Social networking, the art of meeting and building contacts through social media websites, has become the most popular activity on the Internet. Social networks have become a powerful way to build connections, attract new clients, find discounts, or get a new job. On the most popular social media sites, you can create professional pages, which is an increasingly important way to drive traffic to your website and promote your business.

Here’s what you can expect to find among the most popular social networking sites:

  • Facebook: Facebook wins top place as the largest social networking site on the web, and its broad appeal makes it an excellent place to promote your website. Facebook was originally considered a vanity site, but its professional power is growing with its ever-expanding audience. With more than 1 billion members, Facebook is by far the most important of the social media sites to date.

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the site for professional connections and online business networking. If you’re online to develop business contacts with other professionals, especially if you’re job hunting or trying to attract new business clients, LinkedIn is a powerful place to promote yourself and your website. Unlike Facebook and Myspace, LinkedIn is all business.

  • Twitter: Once derided as an insipid waste of time, where people fired off short messages about trivial details of life, Twitter has evolved into an international force to be reckoned with. Best described as microblogging, Twitter makes it easy to connect with people online and share brief bursts of information, called Tweets.

    Twitter limits you to no more than 140 characters per post, but that brevity seems to be the secret to Twitter’s success. Athletes, celebrities, politicians, and all types of so-called experts use Twitter to connect directly with their audiences, one brief message at a time.

    Because you can post to Twitter from a computer, a cell phone, or any other Internet-enabled device, and because the posts are so brief, people tend to update Twitter more frequently than other services, making it a great place to follow trends, news events, and other information in real time.

  • Google+: The newest entry in the social media scene is Google+. Launched in the summer of 2011, Google+ quickly turned into a must-have for every self-respecting web geek because membership was initially limited only to people who managed to finagle an invitation. Google circles provide a way to organize the people you know into categories, allowing you to choose what information and updates you share with each group.

  • Pinterest: This highly visual site exploded on the social media scene and became the fastest growing site in 2012. Especially popular among designers, artists, fashionistas, and other creative people, Pinterest makes it easy to “pin” and share images in collections called boards.


  • Myspace: Once the most popular social networking site, Myspace now exists mostly to help musicians promote new songs and for movie studios to release movie trailers. Myspace’s redesign attracted some new attention to this site, but it’s still not clear if the site has much to offer to anyone who is not promoting music or videos.

Increase your ranking on social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites rank the popularity of web pages by the number of votes they get. As a result, these sites are excellent resources for people who want to keep up with what’s popular online. Most enable anyone to vote on a site.

Getting your site listed on social bookmarking sites is a highly effective way to increase traffic. Dozens of these sites and services exist, and they feature catchy and unusual names, such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, and reddit.

Although you can submit your own pages on any of these sites, that practice is generally frowned upon and you can be banned if you do it too frequently. A better method is to add a button to your site from each of these services so that visitors can easily vote for you.

If you’re a blogger, you can add a button each time you post. You can get the buttons (called chiclets) for free and add them to your pages by simply inserting a little code you generate on the social networking site.

Spread the love with social media share buttons

Want to know about one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your website? Make sure that current visitors can easily tell a friend about your site by enabling them to share your site’s content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Simply add social media share buttons to your pages. You’ll find many services designed to help facilitate the connection between your site and social media sites, like addthis.com and share.lockerz.com. Simply sign up for a free account and then copy and paste a little code to your web page. Your visitors can click an icon on your page to add a post about your site to their social media page.