Share Comments in Acrobat CS5 Documents - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

One of the most powerful features of Adobe Acrobat Creative Suite 5 commenting is the ability to easily manage and share comments and annotations among reviewers.

Acrobat CS5 makes it easy to include users of the free Adobe Reader in a review process. To include Adobe Reader users in a review, choose Comments→Enable for Commenting in Adobe Reader. After saving the file, you can share it with users of Adobe Reader, who can then use commenting and markup tools and save their comments into the file.

You can share your comments with other reviewers who have access to the same PDF document by following these steps:

  1. Make sure that the Comments List is visible by clicking the Comments tab on the bottom left of the Document window.

  2. Select the comment that you want to export by clicking it (Shift+click for multiple selections).

  3. From the Comments List window, choose Options→Export Selected Comments.

    The Export Comments dialog box appears.

  4. Browse to the location where you want the comments to be saved and give the saved file a new name.

    You now have a file that includes only the comments’ information, and not the entire PDF file.

You can share your file with reviewers who have the same PDF file, and they can choose Options→Import Comments in the Comments List window to add the comments into their document. You can use this method to avoid sending entire PDF files to those who already have the document.