Navigate in Adobe Acrobat Creative Suite 5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Acrobat CS5 offers a variety of panels that are helpful when navigating through PDF documents. The navigation panels are displayed along the left side of your Document window as small icons. Click an icon to make its panel visible. For example, click the Pages icon to display thumbnail-size representations of each page.

In the Pages panel, click a thumbnail page to display that page in the Document window. You can also choose View→Navigation Panels to access these same panels. There are 12 panels: Articles, Attachments, Bookmarks, Comments, Content, Destinations, Layers, Model Tree, Order, Pages, Signatures, and Tags.

Follow these steps to use the Pages panel to more easily navigate through a PDF document.

  1. Make sure that the Pages panel is visible by clicking its panel icon.

  2. In the Pages panel, click any page thumbnail to navigate directly to that page.

    Click the icons to the left to see navigational panels, such as Pages.
    Click the icons to the left to see navigational panels, such as Pages.

    A dark border appears around the selected page and a red box in the Pages panel indicates what portion of the page is being viewed.

    You can click in the corner of the small red box and drag diagonally upward to increase the magnification on the section of the page contained within the box. Alternatively, make the box larger by clicking and dragging down and out to expand the size of the viewing area. Changing the size of the red box displayed on the page in the Pages panel changes the focus of the magnification.