How to Remove Sensitive Data from Documents in Adobe Acrobat CS6 - dummies

How to Remove Sensitive Data from Documents in Adobe Acrobat CS6

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Sometimes you may want to make a PDF file accessible with Adobe Acrobat CS6, but you may want to remove certain sets of information. For example, you may want to remove a person’s name or personal information from a PDF document. You can do this through the process known as redaction.

To redact information in your PDF document, follow these steps:

  1. With a PDF file open, choose Tools→Protection →Encrypt→Black Out & Remove Content→Mark for Redaction. Click OK.

  2. Use the Mark for Redaction tool to highlight all text to be removed from the document.

  3. After marking all text to be removed from the file, choose Tools→Protection →Encrypt→Black Out & Remove Content→Apply Redactions. Click OK.

    The redacted text is removed from the document.

    Note that this permanently removes all content marked for redaction. This cannot be undone. If you are testing this capability, you should first perform a Save As to create a copy of the document so that you do not permanently remove content from a document unintentionally.

  4. Click Yes to then remove any hidden information in the file, such as the name of the author or the original document name.

    You can also remove this later by clicking the Remove Hidden Information option under the Protection section of the tools panel.

You can remove specific phrases or words by using the Search & Remove text option found in the Black Out & Remove Content section of the Tools panel.