How to Attach Files to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat CS6 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

With the Attach File tool in Adobe Acrobat CS6, you can attach any existing file from your computer or computer network to a PDF document. For example, if you have an Excel spreadsheet that relates to the PDF document, and you want to allow users to work with the data, you could attach the Excel file to the PDF document.

Follow these steps to attach a file to your PDF document:

  1. Select the Attach File tool from the Comment→Annotations toolbar then place your cursor over the location in the document where you want the attachment icon to be visible.

    A pushpin icon appears.

  2. Click where you want the attachment noted.

    The Add Attachment dialog box appears.

  3. In the Add Attachment dialog box, browse to the file that you want to attach and click the Select button (Mac OS) or Open button (Windows).

    You can attach text, graphic, or sound files.

  4. The File Attachment Properties window appears.

  5. In the File Attachment Properties window, select the icon you want to use to represent the file attachment. Then click OK.

    You can choose from a paperclip, graph, pushpin, or tag. Whatever icon you select appears on your document to denote that another file is attached. When you roll over the icon, a little annotation appears telling you the filename.

    You can use the Record Audio tool to share a verbal comment by using the built-in microphone on your computer or laptop (if you have one) to record a message directly into the PDF. The sound is added as a comment. Follow the preceding Steps 1–5 for adding an attachment, except use the Record Audio tool located next to the Attach File tool.

The file(s) that you attach with the Attach File and Record Audio tools becomes embedded within the PDF file, and the size of the file increases. When using attached files, they remain in their original file format, even if the attached file isn’t a PDF file.

For example, you can attach an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF document, and the recipient will need to use Excel to view or edit the attachment. Attaching a file to a PDF document doesn’t convert the attachment to PDF.