Convert PowerPoint Files to PDF - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Adobe Acrobat Creative Suite 5 includes tools that make it easy to convert Microsoft PowerPoint files to PDF. When you install Acrobat on your computer, it looks for Microsoft Office programs. If Acrobat locates Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, it installs an add-in — the PDF Maker — to these programs that helps convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF in a single click.

You can convert your PowerPoint presentations to Adobe PDF documents with the PDF Maker add-in that installs with Adobe Acrobat. PDF versions of PowerPoint presentations can be distributed to avoid concerns about the file being edited or concerns that the recipient may not have the same fonts that you used, causing the presentation to look different on various computers.

From PowerPoint, click the Create PDF button to save the file as a PDF file. Of course, make sure that the presentation you’re converting is open before you click the button. In older versions of Office, you can also choose Acrobat→Convert to Adobe PDF from PowerPoint’s main menu. If you’re working with a new file, you must save it before PDF Maker will convert the file.

As with Word and Excel, you can select options relating to the conversion of your PowerPoint documents to PDF. To access the preferences, click the Preference button in the Acrobat tab or in older versions of Office, choose Acrobat→Change Conversion Settings. Along with the conversion settings that impact the quality of the resulting PDF file, select two additional options:

  • Preserve Slide Transitions: With this option, you can have the slide transitions that were created in PowerPoint converted into PDF transitions that will be used when the presentation is delivered using Adobe Acrobat’s Full Screen mode option.

  • Convert Multimedia: Because Adobe PDF files can contain integrated sound and movie files, you can choose this option to have sounds and movies used in a PowerPoint file converted into the PDF document.

After you create the PDF, you can use Acrobat as the tool for delivering your presentations that have been created using PowerPoint. After you convert the file to PDF, open it in Acrobat and choose View→Full Screen Mode. Press the Esc key to stop viewing a document in the Full Screen mode.

You can even distribute the document to users with the free Adobe Reader, and they can use the free Adobe Reader software to view and display the PowerPoint presentation file.

To distribute a document so that it always opens in Full Screen mode, open the document, choose File→Document Properties, and select the Open in Full Screen Mode check box.