How to Use Monitoring, Following, and Sharing Lists on StumbleUpon - dummies

How to Use Monitoring, Following, and Sharing Lists on StumbleUpon

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

In the StumbleUpon world, lists are user-generated collections of content on one or more topics. All lists are kept on the StumbleUpon Home page and are a fantastic way to discover new content and to follow new Stumblers within the community. To help users navigate the different types of lists, they are organized into the following categories:

  • Featured

  • Recently Updated

  • Most Popular

Featured lists are curated by StumbleUpon and are based on a variety of topics that might fall outside of Interests you specified during the sign-up process.

Recently Updated lists are self-explanatory. As Stumblers update their lists, StumbleUpon will update this section.

Those lists displayed in the Most Popular section have the most followers compared to other lists. These lists often have thousands of followers.

To follow a list, first click the Lists link toward the top of the Home page on and simply click the Follow button at the bottom of the appropriate List icon. After you click Follow, the button turns white and the label changes to “Following.”


To share a list, click the Share icon in the lower right of a List icon. (The best way to describe the icon is a box with an arrow going through it.)

After you click on the icon, you’re presented with the option to share it directly with Stumblers you follow and who follow you back, or you can send the list to e-mail contacts. Finally, you can share the list on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


As you browse through StumbleUpon, these tools and features will help you discover the best content and most engaged users. Now your job is to use them to your advantage!