How to Submit Content to StumbleUpon for Others to Share - dummies

How to Submit Content to StumbleUpon for Others to Share

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

So, perhaps you have your own website (or a specific page on your website) that you’d just love to submit to StumbleUpon for your fellow Stumblers to see and hopefully share and give a thumbs up to.

Here’s how you submit that content:

  1. Back on your Home page, click the down arrow next to your name.


  2. From the options that appear, click Add a Page. (Refer to Figure 2-6.)


    The Add a New Page screen appears.

  3. Using the Add a New Page screen, enter the URL (the web page address, in other words) of the page you want to submit along with the following additional information:


    • Is this page safe for work? Remember that some of your fellow Stumblers may open this site on a work-issued computer, and you don’t want them getting into trouble looking at a site that is not suitable or even allowed on their work PC.

    • What’s this page about? Clicking the Select an Interest down arrow brings up a list of topics to choose from.

    • Add Tags (optional). In this box, you can enter specific tags or keywords that you want to include. These can help Stumblers find your content based on those same tags and keywords.

      You can also enter additional Interests in this box because you can only choose one in the previous section. For example, if your site deals with marketing and advertising, you can choose Marketing from the Select an Interest box then add Advertising to the Add Tags box.

    • Write a comment (optional). In this section, you can add a description about the particular content you’re sharing. This will help the reader have a better understanding of the content in addition to only seeing the title.

    • What’s the page’s language? Pretty self-explanatory. Just choose the language that this particular content is written in.

  4. After inputting all the above information, the last step is to click the Add This Page button and StumbleUpon will take it from there.