How to Set Your StumbleUpon Notification Preferences - dummies

How to Set Your StumbleUpon Notification Preferences

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

StumbleUpon has all sorts of cool ways to notify you of all kinds of different activities. We’re talking e-mail notifications, activity on StumbleUpon itself, and of course, mobile notifications. No matter how you want to be notified, StumbleUpon can do it. (Okay, maybe the carrier pigeon option is out, but pretty much everything else is possible.)

To set up your e-mail notification preferences so that StumbleUpon knows what’s what, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Notifications link along the top of the screen on the Settings page.

    Doing so brings up a screen with the words “Stay up to date” along the top.


  2. From this screen, you can control exactly when you want to be notified and what you want to be notified about.

    For e-mail notifications, you can choose to be notified via three different options: From StumbleUpon, Activity on StumbleUpon, and Shares and Messages from Stumblers You’re Following.

    • The From StumbleUpon section lets you specify the kinds of weekly e-mails you’ll get from StumbleUpon, filled with recommendations on content that you may be interested in or tips on getting more out of StumbleUpon.

    • The Activity on StumbleUpon section has all your options when it comes to being informed about things happening in your account, including being notified when a friend on a social media network joins StumbleUpon or when a fellow Stumbler starts to follow you.

    • The Shares and Messages from Stumblers You’re Following section lets you specify if and when you want to be notified via e-mail when a Stumbler sends you a private message or if a Stumbler shares a page directly to your e-mail.

    Note the Mobile Notifications heading at the bottom of the screen, which you may have to scroll to see. Tucked away under this heading is the link that you’ll want to use for downloading the StumbleUpon mobile app.

  3. When you’re done setting your notification preferences, click the Save Settings button in the lower-left corner.