How to Launch a Paid Discovery Campaign on StumbleUpon

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

You’ve decided to use StumbleUpon to market your website. Now it’s time to set up and launch your Paid Discovery campaign. The first thing you do is type into the web address bar at the top of your browser. Press Enter. The next page displays an intro to Paid Discovery. Click the blue Get Started button. If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up.

To sign up for a Paid Discovery account, first click the Create Account link, then you need to enter your e-mail address and password (enter the password twice) in the fields provided; then accept the terms and conditions by selecting the check box.

After you click the Submit button, StumbleUpon sends an activation e-mail to the address you provided during the sign-up process. Open the e-mail and click the activation link.

Upon activating the link, you are taken to the Create a New Paid Discovery Campaign page. Here you enter the web address that you want to promote, then enter how much traffic you want to drive to your website on a daily basis. This will determine how much you pay per day.

After you’ve entered the web address and set the daily budget and traffic numbers, click the blue Save and Review button.


On the new page that appears, you’ll be asked to come up with a name for your Paid Discovery campaign. The idea here is to settle on a name that best describes the campaign intention. For example, you could name your campaign Blog Content Promotion 1, if you’re trying to get your blog content in front of more people.

It’s always best to number your campaigns sequentially so that you can distinguish among the different campaigns that you run.


How to choose your ad’s priority on StumbleUpon

In this stage of the Paid Discovery campaign setup process, you choose the priority given to your content based on StumbleUpon’s ad inventory. You’ll pay more to have your content prioritized in the Paid Discovery ad system. Essentially, paying a bit more means your ads take precedence over content in lower price levels. You have three serving priority options:

  • Highest: Serves first ($0.25 per visitor)

  • Normal: Available after highest priority ($0.10 per visitor)

  • Lowest: Remaining availability given ($0.05 per visitor)

By default, the serving priority is set to Normal. To change the priority, click Edit to the right of the Serving Priority heading. On the new page that appears, you’re presented with the three priority options with radio buttons to the left. Click the priority option that best fits your budget.

After you are happy with your serving priority settings, click the blue Save and Review button.


How to choose scheduling for your StumbleUpon ad

By default, your Paid Discovery campaign starts automatically upon approval and has no end date. Based on your business goals and how Paid Discovery weaves into your promotional schedule, you have three ways for your campaign to end:

  • When your specified budget runs out

  • When you pause your campaign

  • When you specify an end date (option to schedule a start date too)

To specify a start and end date for your Paid Discovery campaign, click Edit to the right of the Start heading. On the new page that appears, you have two options for scheduling.

The first option is Auto, which is where your campaign runs as long as you have funds on account or up until that time when you decide to pause the campaign yourself. The second option is Manual, where you specify a start and end date. If you want your campaign to start automatically upon approval, leave the Start Date option as is.

To specify a different start date, click the field below the Start Date heading, and a calendar box appears. Click the day of the month you’d like to start your campaign. To specify an end date, click the field below the End Date heading, and a calendar box appears. Click the day of the month you’d like to end your campaign.


When you’re happy with your campaign schedule settings, click the blue Save button. You’re now finished setting up your Paid Discovery campaign! Click the blue Create Campaign button. Next, you need to add funds to your campaign. You have the option of paying by credit card or through PayPal.