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How to Invite Friends to StumbleUpon

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

You know just how great StumbleUpon really is, so naturally you want to tell all your friends how great it is, too, and invite them to join you! Piece of cake.

As hard as it may be to believe, some of your friends might not be on StumbleUpon. Shocking, right? Well here’s how to fix that.

After you connect your various social media accounts and click Stumblers, in addition to seeing your friends who are on StumbleUpon, Facebook, and so on, you’ll also see a group of friends who are not.

After you click to select which of your Facebook friends you want to invite to StumbleUpon, click Continue and a new pop-up window appears.


In this window, you will see the list of people you are inviting, along with a prewritten message asking them to join you on StumbleUpon. The only thing left to do is to click the Send Requests button.

With Facebook out of the way, you can move on to Twitter. Just click Continue. Then from the next screen, click the Twitter icon. The screen you come to next is the Twitter Authorization screen.

On this screen, you must click the Authorize App button before proceeding. Doing so brings up a new screen that shows all your Twitter followers who are already on StumbleUpon and a section with a prewritten message that you can then tweet to your followers, inviting them to follow you on StumbleUpon.

Click Continue and — just like that — a Tweet is sent out to all your followers.


You can alter the tweet to your liking, but just remember the 140-character limit on Twitter. After tweeting out the message to your Twitter followers, you then come to another screen.


From this screen, you can choose to invite your fellow Google friends to follow you on StumbleUpon (or invite more via Facebook).

Similar to Facebook, when you click the Google icon, you’re brought to a list of people you are connected to via Google so that you can invite them to join StumbleUpon.

After selecting those folks you want to invite from Google, click Continue and you’re brought to yet another new screen with a message stating that you’ve invited this person(s) to join you on StumbleUpon.

This same screen, however, has an option for inviting people via regular, old e-mail — not the hopped-up Google version, in other words. Click the Other Email icon and you are brought to a new screen.


From here you can use the form to invite up to three people at a time via e-mail to follow you on StumbleUpon.

You will see a prewritten message just as in the Facebook, Twitter, and Google options. Like Twitter, you have the option to alter the e-mail message before clicking that Send Now button.