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How to Generate Content Worthy of StumbleUpon

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

First and foremost, you have to produce the right type of content to gain traction within the StumbleUpon community. In fact, this is true in all types of online marketing. Content really is king (insert cliché mention here). So how do you create content that Stumblers will love? Read on.

Know your audience

Admittedly, marketers no longer go around saying “know your audience.” That’s not fancy enough. The new buzzwords about knowing your audience all have to do with “persona development.” Essentially, it is the process of identifying the different archetypes that will gain value from visiting your site or consuming your content. Smaller sites might have 2–3 personas, and larger sites might have 6–12 personas.

The best place to start gathering information for persona development is through asking your current audience, whether they be customers or site browsers. Surveys, phone conversations, website statistics, and asking questions on other social networks tend to be the best methods for collecting this information.

As for the kinds of questions you’ll want to ask, they’ll most likely revolve around your audience’s demographic information and challenges, and what their typical day looks like.

On your website or blog, take a look at your website statistics. A common service is Google Analytics, and it’s free. If you haven’t started tracking your website statistics yet, now is the time to start!

If you already have some kind of website tracking set up, take a look at your top-performing content in terms of traffic. With that info in hand, you’ll probably get a good sense of what people gravitate to.

Experiment with multimedia

Now that we’re in the twenty-first century, multimedia content creation is within the reach of most everyone, even those with a modest budget. Video, audio, and pictures have gained traction, so it is advisable to repurpose text-based content with video, audio, and imagery. As human beings, we are visual and auditory in nature, so it makes sense for you mix up your content formats.

Mobile phones and laptop computers tend to be equipped with cameras and microphones as standard equipment, so developing video doesn’t have to be an expensive project. As long as the meat of the content you’re producing is truly valuable, you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Educate, entertain, inspire

The definition of value has different meanings to each person viewing your content. Value from education often saves time and money. Value from entertainment induces an emotional reaction, whether it’s laughter, crying, or something in between. Value from inspiration comes in the form of the motivation to start doing something new or persevere through something already in the works.

Content may contain one or all three of these elements. If you can fit all three into one piece of content, you’re on your way to rock star status on StumbleUpon.