Basics of StumbleUpon - dummies

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

Unlike any other site or social media platform, StumbleUpon is unique in that it helps you, and anyone else who uses it find “stuff” – also known as “content.” (“Content” is that fancy Internet word for “stuff.”)

The best part is that the content that StumbleUpon brings essentially right to your front door is based on your personal Likes. The more content you give a “thumbs up” to the more StumbleUpon knows about you and your Likes.

StumbleUpon then takes this information and uses it to come up with a pool of similar content so that when you Stumble, you’re presented with content you’re more likely to like.

How to register your StumbleUpon account

Registering your StumbleUpon account (creating it, in other words) is a very easy and fast process. It’s so easy a caveman could . . . well, you get the idea.

Here are the steps to registering your StumbleUpon account:

  1. Visit StumbleUpon, using your favorite web browser.

  2. Click the big green Start Exploring button in the bottom middle of the screen.

    From here, you have the option to register your account with Facebook, and StumbleUpon will automatically create your username and password for you. Or, if you want to create your own username and password, you can go to the section marked “Or, Sign Up Using Email,” where you can simply complete the brief form and then click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the screen.


    If you were to click Connect With Facebook, you’d taken to a new screen where you could enter your Facebook login information to connect your StumbleUpon account to your Facebook account or, if you don’t have a Facebook account, you could click the Sign up for Facebook link and that task would be taken care of for you.


  3. To complete your registration, just choose at least five of your favorite Interests from the list provided and then click the Save Interests button.


How to set up your StumbleUpon profile

If you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up your StumbleUpon account, the next thing you’ll want to do is set up your profile. Here’s how you’d do that:

  1. Sign in to your account and then check out your Home page.

    While you’re there, you’ll see the word Profile along the top of the screen.


  2. Click Profile.

    You’ll be taken to your Profile page, where you’ll see your registered StumbleUpon name alongside a silhouette image — that’s where your Profile picture will eventually be.


  3. Click the down arrow next to your account name in the upper-right corner.

    Doing so brings up a series of options, including Settings.


  4. Click Settings.

    You are taken to the Settings page, which says “Tell us a little about yourself” along the top.

  5. Fill in the requested information and stuff about yourself, including your city and also a brief bio or description about yourself. Then click the Save Settings button.


How to add a profile picture on StumbleUpon

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when adding your profile picture, be sure to say a lot! Okay, we’re kidding. To add a Profile picture, follow these steps:

  1. Head back to the Settings page and click the Picture link.

    You find it along the top of the Settings page.

    After you click the Picture link, a Change Your Picture screen greets you.


  2. Using the Browse button, navigate to that corner of your hard drive that contains your fave photo of the moment and click to select it. Then click Next Step to upload your image.

  3. (Optional) If desired, crop your profile picture to your specific preference.


  4. When you’re happy with your image, click Save Picture.

    You’ll then be brought back to the Change Your Picture screen, only this time your saved picture will appear.

How to share content on StumbleUpon

“Share and share alike” is an old saying. With StumbleUpon, you can not only share the awesome content you find on your Internet travels, but your StumbleUpon friends can also share what they find with you, too!

That is the easiest way to share content — by sharing it directly with your friends on StumbleUpon. To do this, you must be following each other, and if you are, there’s no end to all the great stuff you can share.