The Genres of Spotify - dummies

By Kim Gilmour

Whether it’s hard rock, techno, pop, jazz, industrial, indie pop, folk, classical, heavy metal, waltz, or whatever else takes your fancy, Spotify has the genre, or type of music, covered. You can search common genres from within Spotify.

Although Spotify has released a list of nearly 1,000 known genres, not all of them will deliver results. The most obvious genres, such as classical, are covered, but even then, you may not necessarily find everything you’re after listed in a particular genre.

Experimenting with the advanced genre search is fun, even if it does have its quirks. To help you on your way, this genre page includes Spotify’s list of known genres, ranging from 2-Step/British Garage to Zydeco.

For example, to search for pop songs on Spotify, just type genre:pop in the Search text box and press Enter. Whenever a search term consists of more than one word or includes special characters, include the type of genre in quotation marks. So, to search for the aforementioned 2 Step/British Garage at the top of Spotify’s genre list, type genre:“2-Step/British Garage”.

After you press Enter, Spotify whizzes through its database and delivers a listing of the most popular songs tagged with that genre. If you get too many results, you can narrow down the search even more by adding keywords after the genre — for example, genre:classical chopin.