How to Send Messages to All Members of Your Ning Network - dummies

How to Send Messages to All Members of Your Ning Network

By Manny Hernandez

Just because you can send messages to all members of your Ning network, you don’t want to do it all the time: As a general guideline, one message to all your members once a week may be close to too much.

So how do you send messages to all members in your network? Send a broadcast message:

  1. Click the Manage link in your network’s navigation bar.

    The Manage page appears.

  2. Click the Broadcast Message link under the Spread the Word header.


    A window opens that lets you enter a subject and the body of your message.

  3. Enter a subject in the Subject text box.

    Make it descriptive so that your members don’t just delete the message as junk.

  4. Type your message in the Message text box.

    Keep it to the point; otherwise, members might start just deleting your messages without even reading them.

  5. Click the Send button.

    Off your message goes to all your members.

Why should you avoid sending too many messages to all members? Try to put yourself in your members’ shoes. You get hundreds of e-mails per week, some relevant, but too many of them trying to break through the noise to get your attention. You read only a handful of e-mails: the ones that you care about, whose senders you trust. You want get your messages to make it into that select group of senders and stay there. If you start sending a message to all members every day, you stand an excellent chance of ending up just talking to yourself.