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MySpace For Dummies Cheat Sheet

MySpace makes social networking easy. With this cheat sheet, you can make your MySpace profile page look great with some basic HTML commands, and choose how widely you want to share everything from posts to pictures. And, if you’re new to MySpace, you get tips for looking like a MySpace veteran in no time.

Tips to Go from MySpace Newbie to MySpace Pro

It’s tough being a MySpace newcomer with an empty Web page and just one friend while others have fancy pages and thousands of MySpace friends. Take a few steps to make your page tell the world that you’re a MySpace veteran:

  • Get signed up: You need a computer with access to the Internet and an e-mail address.

  • Fill in your profile: Add information to your page that tells a little about yourself.

  • Add a profile photo: Put your smiling face on your MySpace profile page.

  • Add a profile song: Search MySpace for your favorite artist and share a song on your page.

  • Add a profile video: Nothing can tell your story better than a well composed (or slightly goofy) video.

  • Fill up your Friends List: Search for friends and invite them to your profile.

  • Launch your blog: Share a thought with the world or with just a few friends

  • Keep in contact with your friends: Send mail messages to individual friends — or post a bulletin for all your friends to see.

  • Post an event and invite friends: Are you throwing a party or going to a show? Set up an event for the world to see or just for your friends to know about and then send invitations.

  • Customize your page: Dress up your drab MySpace page with colors, images, and text of your choosing.

  • Shore up your security: MySpace’s account settings let you set your profile so it’s viewable only to friends.

How to Make Your MySpace Profile Secure

Alter your MySpace profile settings to limit who can see the information you post to the site; you’ll increase your online security. Keep your MySpace page safe from unwanted contact by using the following tips:

  • Set your profile as private: The Privacy Settings link on the Change Account Settings page directs you to an option where you can limit full viewing of your profile to users who are on your Friends List. Non-friends can still see your profile name, location, age, profile photo, and MySpace URL.

  • Block photos from other users: Clicking the Add/Edit Photos link on your MySpace home page directs you to the Upload Photo page. The page includes an option to prevent other MySpace users from seeing your photos. Click the Only You button under Allow Your Photos to Be Viewable By: option to keep your photos to yourself.

  • Limit your blog audience: After you compose a fresh entry in your blog, you can determine who can read your entry.

    Consider your choices:

    • Diary: Readable only by you.

    • Preferred List: Readable by members of your Friends List you select and add to your list.

    • Friends: Readable by all members of your Friends List.

    • Public: Readable by all MySpace users.

  • Don’t accept instant messages: The Account Settings page offers a link to set instant message privacy. You can choose to allow anyone to send you IM, limit to your friends only, or block IM altogether. The Privacy Settings link takes you to an option to block your online status, thus never letting other MySpace users know when you’re available to receive messages.

  • Approve comments: Your Privacy Settings option also allows you to review comments before they’re posted to your profile page. This option is helpful if you want to keep your friends from putting any information on your page that you don’t want to share. You can also disable HTML in your profile settings so MySpacers who leave comments can’t add photos or video to your comments.

  • Block users: Ignoring unwanted messages usually gets the point across (to most MySpace members) that you don’t want to talk. For the persistent few who can’t take a hint, you can click the Block User option in the Contact box on the would-be pest’s profile page. Adding a user to your Block list keeps your mailbox free from contact with that person.

  • Deny, delete, edit, and erase: Your MySpace page is always under your control. If you ever feel that your profile settings, a comment, a blog entry, or a friend is hurting your privacy, MySpace includes the settings to edit your page.

Basic HTML for MySpace

Use HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to change how your MySpace profile looks and what appears on your MySpace page. Here’s some basic HTML that you can use with your profile. (You fill in the text between the quotation marks.)

Action HTML to Use
Bold text <b>Enter bolded text here</b>
Italicize text <i>Enter italicized text here</i>
Font color <font color=”Color of Font”></font>
Font size <font size=”Size of font from 1-7″></font>
Bulleted list <li>Listed Item</li>
Insert an image into a comment, message, or on your profile
<img src=”URL of the image” width=”width of image in
Insert a link into a comment, message, or on your profile
<a href=”URL of web page”>Title of link</a>
Note: You can add the target=”blank” option to open
the link in a new window.
Link an image in a comment, message, or on your profile
<a href=”URL of web page”><img src=”URL of image”
width=”width of image in pixels”></a>
Note: When you link an image, a border automatically appears
to show that it’s linked. If you want to remove that border, you
can add the border=”0″ option to your <img> tag.
Display a text box that allows users to easily copy code or
<textarea rows=”number of rows in text box” cols=”number of
columns in text box”>Text or code that you want to be
Special MySpace characters You can use these MySpace characters in the text you enter,
such as your display name, your headline, and any type of message
you send.
Heart: &hearts
Trademark: &trade
Copyright: &copy
Restricted: &reg