How to Play Games with the Bebo App - dummies

How to Play Games with the Bebo App

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

The recent version 1.2 app update implemented by Bebo Inc., includes a great feature that shouldn’t be overlooked — #games. Although this is the first of many updates to come, some of the new features for games with Bebo have a couple of issues.

The hashtag #games is supposed to pull up a list of all the games your Bebo and Bebo friends can play together. This hashtag, however, does not work properly; instead, your Bebo will send a Beboji of you and your friends playing videogames on a couch instead of playing a real-time game with them as intended.

To get around this glitch and launch a game with the friend or contact of your choice, use the following hashtags:

  • #coinflip

  • #draw

  • #flappyhead

  • #magic8ball

  • #snake

  • #tictactoe

  • #words


Use #coinflip to help you and your friends make a decision

You can start a simple game with your friends with #coinflip to make a decision on something not too important. One person chooses heads, the other tails, and the side the coin lands on decides who gets the win. For instance, “Heads you eat tacos.” “Tails you eat pizza.” This can be done with just about any topic or decision.

Do not use this as a key decision maker . . . #coinflip is not meant for life-changing events. Flip responsibly!

Use #draw to draw a doodle

To send your friends drawings and doodles, do one of two things:

  1. You can send the hashtag #draw to start a drawing with a blank canvas.

    Tap the color wheel to select your color, the Back button to erase mistakes, and the Checkmark button to send the doodle.

  2. You can also doodle on your friend’s photos and Beboji by taping on an image sent to you by your friend.

    The image then is opened on the draw page and does the same as it would if you were drawing on a blank canvas. When you are finished, tap the Checkmark button in the bottom right corner to send the edited image back to your friends.

Launch #flappyhead to play against a friend

Bebo’s version of Flappybird is #flappyhead, but instead of a bird, you fly around the head of your Bebo avatar. Tap the screen to fly upward and let go of the screen to let your Bebo drop in altitude. Do this while maneuvering through different courses and see whether you can outmaneuver your friends by flying the farthest.

While #flappyhead is one of the more fun games the Bebo app has to offer; the game has trouble launching on older devices or on an iPad. The game launches, but then just sits on the New Game screen and does not respond to pinches, swipes, taps, or twists.

To get out of a game that does not launch properly, tap the back arrow in the top left corner of the application and try again. After multiple attempts if the game still does not work, wait for the next application update.

Tell your future with #magic8ball

The #magic8ball application is just as it sounds — an exact digital replica of the black magic eight ball many of you used to play with as kids. Ask the eight ball a question, shake your device or tap the app, and an answer will float to the screen providing you with a message similar to “It has been decided.” Or “I wouldn’t if I were you.” And so on.

The magic eight ball game works when you ask yes and no questions only; it will not give you a detailed answer — only a funny version of yes and no answers.

Using #words in a Bebo message

Bebo’s quick and simplified way to play a game similar to Boggle is activated when you type #words.The game will launch within your message thread. Create chains of letters to make words. The longer the word or more complex letters you use will give you a higher score. Try to get as many words before the allotted time runs out and see whether you have more points than your friend at the end of the match.

To create chains of letters to form words, simply touch the first letter in the word you locate and swipe your finger across the remaining letters to spell it out. Release your finger from the last letter, and the word then will be submitted to your score.

Slither around with #snake

A traditional take on the classic game Snake — maneuver a snake around in a square area by swiping up, down, left, and right. Eat fruit to make your snake grow longer and longer. . . As the game progresses in time, the snake moves faster until you crash into either the wall or back into the snake.

You can compare scores with friends when the snake crashes. A Game Over screen appears showing your score. However, if you want to play the game alone as a form of solo entertainment, you can launch it from the Team Bebo message thread and play by yourself instead of including your friends.

Kill time with friends using #tictactoe

Everyone on the planet has probably played a simple game of tic-tac-toe at some point or another. This game is all too appropriate for the Bebo app since the game uses a game board shaped like a hashtag.

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, you and a friend choose either an X or O; in alternating turns, place the symbol you chose in one of the open spaces on or around the hashtag playing area. The person to get three of their symbols in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) gets the win. A great way for killing time since no serious brainpower is needed to play this game. Have Fun!