What You Can Do in a Google+ Hangout

By Jesse Stay

Google+ has provided its users with a service called hangouts that allows any person to chat over a video connection with up to ten people anywhere in the world. The cool part is that Google+ doesn’t charge a dime for this service.

Once your hangout begins, you can start having fun with it! Here are a few things you can do in your hangout:


  • Invite more friends. Click the Invite button at the bottom of the hangout window and choose the people or circles you want to invite.

  • Text chat with members of the hangout. In addition to chatting over video, you can click the Chat button at the bottom of the hangout window to access a chat dialog box that allows you to text chat with members of the hangout. This approach can be useful if someone’s audio isn’t working, for example.

  • Watch a YouTube video with your friends. By clicking the YouTube button at the bottom, you can search for any video on YouTube and watch it with all your friends in the hangout. Any member can turn off the YouTube video when they want to. This is also a great way for a family to watch a family video together even while living in different locations around the world.

  • Mute others in the hangout. You can mute anyone in the hangout at any time by clicking the little speaker icon over their video feed at the bottom of the hangout window. You can also mute your own video or audio with the links at the bottom. Keep in mind that if others mute you, you can always turn your audio back on, though! Muting others’ audio doesn’t mean their audio is off forever, unfortunately.