How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Your Phone - dummies

How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Your Phone

By Carolyn Abram, Amy Karasavas

Facebook’s Marketplace is easy to browse and use on your phone. To get to it (assuming you are using the Facebook app on an iPhone or Android), tap on the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the Home page (it looks like a little storefront) to start browsing through Marketplace.

Use your finger to scroll up and down and browse. Tap on any listings you find interesting to learn more. You can quickly tap the blue “I’m Interested” or “Make Offer” button to let the seller know you’re interested without having to compose a more in-depth message. You may also see other buttons like “Check out on website” or “Add to Cart” from established businesses (as opposed to another individual).

Creating a new listing on your phone is very convenient because you can easily take a picture of the item you are selling without having to search your hard drive or transfer photos from your phone to your computer:

  1. Tap on the Publisher in Marketplace that says, “What are you listing?”
    This opens a menu of categories for your listing.
  2. Choose from Item for Sale, Vehicles for Sale, Housing for Rent/Sale, Jobs.
    All categories except Jobs opens an interface for navigating your phone’s camera roll.
  3. Tap on a photo to select it or tap the camera icon in the upper-left corner to open your phone’s camera.
  4. Point and shoot!
  5. When you’ve taken a photo you’re happy with and edited it to your heart’s content, click Use in the upper-right corner.

    This returns you to your phone’s camera roll. You can take more pictures by returning to the camera or choose existing photos from your phone’s camera roll.

  6. After you select the photos you want, click Next in the upper-right corner.

    This opens the New Item interface.

  7. Enter your item’s info (title, price, category, location, and so on) into the fields of the New Item interface.
    There are some additional options here that are not on your computer. You can choose to offer shipping for the item, or if you are selling one item in multiple colors or styles, you can add that information by clicking the blue Add More Options link.
  8. Decide whether you want to share this item on your profile in addition to on Marketplace, and in any Buy/Sell groups you may be a member of.
    By default, your items only get listed in Marketplace. Tap on the other options to select them as well.
  9. Tap Post.
    Your listing is added to Marketplace.

Don’t let the number of steps here fool you. I once listened to someone describe the process of listing multiple items to Facebook as something that was easily accomplished with a tasty beverage in one hand and their phone in the other.