How to Make Video Calls in Facebook Messenger - dummies

How to Make Video Calls in Facebook Messenger

By Carolyn Abram, Amy Karasavas

One of the best parts of using Messenger is the ability to easily start voice and video calls with your Facebook friends. You don’t need to be using the same type of phone, or even both need to be on a phone (one of you can be on your computer). To start a video call, open a conversation with the friend you want to call, and tap the video camera icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

While you’re talking to your friend, you have the option to add photo effects and filters to your video. Tap the Photo Effects icon (it looks like a magic wand) to open all the photo effects, which you can scroll through from side to side to browse. Effects fall into a few general categories:

  • Masks: Masks are fun to use because they adapt to your face as you move around and speak. They range from sunglasses and hats to ones that transform your face into a fox’s face.
  • Frames: Frames are doodles or other effects such as twinkling stars or hearts that appear over your face as you’re speaking to your friend.
  • Color Effects: Change the color balance on your camera so you appear as shades of blue in a red background, or in black and white. Or choose an effect where you look, for example, like you’re on an old television screen.

You can take a photo of a moment within the conversation by tapping the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen. A screenshot will be taken and automatically saved to your phone’s camera roll.

Tap the Smiley icon to send reactions across the screen as you’re speaking. So if you’re listening to a friend describe her bad day, you can tap the angry face. She’ll then see an angry face shoot across the screen. You can see an example of some photo effects, as well as what the reaction options are.

video calls Facebook Messenger
Make your video calls more fun with photo effects.

You can video chat with more than one friend at a time, provided they all have access to Messenger on their phone or a webcam on their computers.