How to Create a Fundraiser on Facebook - dummies

How to Create a Fundraiser on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram, Amy Karasavas

You can start a fundraiser for any reason at any time. Often current events will inspire people to create fundraisers — whether that’s linking to a big charity like the Red Cross after a natural disaster or donating to a memorial fund after the death of a friend or loved one. Another common time for creating a fundraiser is around one’s birthday. Since Facebook promotes your birthday to your friends, it’s a time when you know a lot of people will be visiting your Timeline and leaving a message, so there’s a good chance they’ll see your call to give as well.

To get started with your fundraiser, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Fundraisers page by clicking Fundraisers in the Explore section of the left-side menu.
    This brings you to the Fundraisers page, which includes more information about fundraisers and a list of any fundraisers your friends are currently running.
  2. Click the green Raise Money button on the left sidebar.
    This opens a Raise Money window.
  3. Click the blue Get Started button.
    The Raise Money window displays three options for fundraising: Friend, Nonprofit, or Yourself. After you have made your selection, you go to the “Basics” Section of creating a fundraiser.
    Facebook fundraiser
    Create your fundraiser here.
    • Friend: You will need to enter your friend’s name.
    • Nonprofit: You will need to search through a list of nonprofits to find the one you want.
    • Yourself: You name will get automatically entered.
  4. Double check that the correct name or organization is listed in the “Who are you raising money for?” section.
  5. Set a fundraising target.
    It’s usually better to set a slightly lower target and then increase it later once it’s been hit.
  6. Pick an end date for your fundraiser.
    Having an end date helps your friends know how long they have to donate and lets you issue reminders like “only three days left!”
  7. Click Next.
    This brings you to the Tell Your Story section of the process.
  8. (For Personal/Friend Fundraising Only) Select a category for your fundraiser.
    Categories include things like medical, education, sports, and so on.
  9. Double-check (or create) a title for your fundraiser.
    Titles should be brief and descriptive: “John Smith Memorial Fund,” “Help Tyler Pay for College,” “Carolyn’s Fundraiser for RAINN.”
  10. Tell your story.
    Use as much space as you need to explain why you are creating the fundraiser and what the money will go towards. This is a great place to anticipate any questions your friends may have about the fundraiser: explain why you are fundraising, why you were moved to donate, how your friend will be receiving the money and any other information you think might be relevant.
  11. Click Next.
    This brings you to the Pick a Cover Photo section.
  12. Pick a cover photo.
    Facebook recommends default cover photos for your fundraiser depending on the organization or the category. You can use what Facebook recommends or click Edit in the lower-right corner of the cover preview to choose a different option or choose a photo from your computer.
  13. Click Create.

    This brings you to your Fundraiser’s page. In the case of fundraisers for nonprofits, your fundraiser is automatically published to Facebook (and, keep in mind, all fundraisers are public). In the case of fundraisers for individuals, Facebook reviews such fundraisers to make sure they follow their standards.

    If you are creating a personal fundraiser, you must be at least 18 years old.

    Facebook prompts you here to invite friends and post about your fundraiser.