Minding Happiness - dummies

By Laura Dawn

Part of Mindful Eating For Dummies Cheat Sheet

All the benefits and rewards of mindful eating listed in this Cheat Sheet ultimately point towards this primary benefit of happiness. Paying attention while eating may encourage you to eat less, which may result in the benefit of weight loss, which then may prevent obesity-related diseases like type II diabetes.

Tuning into your body allows you to listen carefully to what your body is communicating to you, and as a result you feel great in your body, which allows you to feel a sense of peace in your mind, and naturally brings greater happiness in your life. Everything comes into harmonious alignment — body, mind, and spirit.

Some of the ways mindful eating lends itself to increased happiness are because mindfulness helps you:

  • Become more satisfied with less.
  • Have the freedom to make conscious choices.
  • Free yourself from the struggle with food.
  • Gain greater enjoyment from food and eating.
  • Step out of the vise-like grip of a dieting mentality and into a lifestyle-oriented approach to health and wellbeing.
  • Truly appreciate the miracle of your body, your life, and the food that enables you to live the life of your choosing.

Like most people, if you dig deep into your relationship with food and look at your underlying motivations surrounding the food-related decisions you make, you’ll find that you simply want to feel good in your body, feel at peace in your mind, and feel a sense of happiness in your life.