Online Destination Wedding Lingo - dummies

Online Destination Wedding Lingo

By Susan Breslow Sardone

Part of Destination Weddings For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can discover a lot about destination weddings from perusing and using the community bulletin boards at, the knot, and Weddings. However, the abbreviations on these message boards can be confusing at first. Some common ones you’re likely to encounter and can start to use in your own posts (after you register, of course) include the terms in the following table.

Abbreviation Actual Term Abbreviation Actual Term
AHR at-home reception H2B husband-to-be
BFF best friend forever MIL, FMIL mother-in-law, future mother-in-law
BIL, FBIL brother-in-law, future brother-in-law MOB mother of the bride
BM best man, bridesmaid MOH maid of honor, matron of honor
DH dear husband, darling husband OOT bags out of town bags, welcome bags
FH future husband OTT over the top
FI fiancé PPL people
FIL, FFIL father-in-law, future father-in-law SIL, FSIL sister-in-law, future sister-in-law
FNF friends and family; guests SO significant other
FOB father of the bride, friend of bride STBMrs soon-to-be Mrs.
FOG father of the groom, friend of groom STD save the date
FW future wife TA travel agent
GBF gay best friend WP wedding planner
GM groomsman XW, XH ex-wife, ex-husband