How to Keep Track of Wedding Gifts - dummies

How to Keep Track of Wedding Gifts

Losing track of wedding gifts and their givers can be a nightmare. The minute you open a wedding gift, write down what it is, who gave it to you and the date. This information can go on an index card with the guest’s other information on in a spreadsheet. Also record when you send each person a thank-you note. Many stores will send you an e-mail that notifies you of the gift, the giver and any message from them, but will hold the gifts until they’re amassed. This service enables you to right prompt thank-you notes but not have to deal with receiving one gift at a time.

Be sure to save the paperwork. You may need this to prove the item’s origin if you return or exchange it. Receipts are also helpful if the store sends out duplicates or fails to send the gift because of some oversight.

Gifts of money often come as personal checks or U.S. Savings Bonds, which some people like to slip you in envelopes during the reception. Before you leave on your honeymoon, endorse all checks with “For deposit only” on the back. Fill out a deposit slip and have someone you trust deposit them while you’re away.

Sometimes, in spite of registering and making sure everyone is notified of your registry, you can receive gifts for which you have no use. If exchanging them is more trouble than it’s worth, put the gifts in a drawer and wait for the day when you have the chance to regift them to someone who will appreciate them. Be sure to remember who gave it to you, and consider the chance that that person could see it in the home of the secondary recipient or notice its absence in yours. In a small world, regift at your own risk.