Checklist for after You Arrive at Your Wedding Destination - dummies

Checklist for after You Arrive at Your Wedding Destination

By Susan Breslow Sardone

Part of Destination Weddings For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Having a checklist can help make wedding planning easier, especially if you’re having a destination wedding. The number of wedding details you have to deal with after reaching the site of your destination wedding depends on the size and complexity of your event and whether you have help and can delegate some of the responsibilities. However, be sure not to overlook these details:

  • Introduce yourselves to the hotel manager and on-site wedding coordinator. Along with the chef and banquet or restaurant manager, they are core members of your destination-wedding team.

  • Unpack, press, and hang up wedding wear. If you don’t have an iron, you steaming clothing outside a hot, running shower does the trick.

  • Obtain marriage license. Arrange to/from transportation and make sure you have all your documents, have met any advance requirements, and bring local currency to pay fees if necessary.

  • Choose your outdoor ceremony venue (if options are available and you haven’t inspected the site previously) and schedule a rehearsal. Base your selection on ambiance, views, privacy, and availability of seating and shade.

  • Get the local weather forecast. Decide how to deal if prolonged rain, cold, heat, or humidity threaten an outdoor wedding.

  • Check on altar arrangements. If an altar or arch needs to be delivered or decorated, speak with your contact and confirm the time these elements will be in place.

  • See the florist. Finalize bouquet and boutonnière flowers and design and approve centerpiece arrangements.

  • Confirm the officiant’s arrival time. Notify the officiant if there are specific vows or traditions you want incorporated in the ceremony.

  • Visit your rehearsal dinner venue. Give final headcount to the restaurant manager and confirm how the bill will be handled.

  • Inspect reception space. Focus on cleanliness and table arrangement. If you have a seating chart, provide a copy to the manager. Approve tablecloths and chair covers (are the colors you requested ones they can provide?). Look at an individual table setting for style. If you have questions about the flow of traffic and servers, ask. Also make sure you have ample space for dancing and musicians. Speak up now if issues arise.

  • Check on the cake. Confirm arrival time, pre-event storage, and display.

  • Book or confirm excursions for guest events. Consider the activity levels of your guests; you may want to offer options. Make sure that fees are charged to your account.

  • Pack, label, and arrange delivery of goody bags. One should await each guest in a visible spot in his or her room.

  • Build in some couple time. Soon enough, your guests will arrive. Do something fun, just for the two of you, to unwind before the big event.