Python Operator Precedence - dummies

By John Paul Mueller

Part of Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Operator Description
() Parentheses are used to group expressions and to override the default precedence so that you can force an operation of lower precedence (such as addition) to take precedence over an operation of higher precedence (such as multiplication).
** Exponentiation raises the value of the left operand to the power of the right operand.
~ + – Unary operators interact with a single variable or expression.
* / % // Multiply, divide, modulo and floor division.
+ – Addition and subtraction.
>> << Right and left bitwise shift.
& Bitwise AND.
^ | Bitwise exclusive OR and standard OR.
<= < > >= Comparison operators.
== != Equality operators.
= %= /= //= -= += *= **= Assignment operators.
is is not Identity operators.
in not in Membership operators.
not or and Logical operators.