HTML5 Game Development: Adding Buttons with the GameButton Object

By Andy Harris

Part of HTML5 Game Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If your game only allows keyboard input, users with touchscreen devices may not be able to play. Use the gameButton object to add touchscreen-supported buttons.

buttonName = new
Creates a GameButton object called
buttonName displaying the label value.
The label value can include HTML code for more interesting
setPosition(x,y) Sets the button’s upper-left corner to the indicated (x,y) coordinates. The coordinates are for the
page, so buttons can be placed on the game scene or elsewhere on
the page.
setSize(width, height) Changes the button’s size. You may need to experiment to find
the optimal button size for easy play without obscuring the
isClicked() Returns true if the button is currently clicked and false if it
is not. Provides an easy way to read the button’s status in the
game loop.