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Wireless Network Troubleshooting: Adding an Access Point

If you have a computer that’s out of range of your access point, one solution is to add a second access point closer to the problematic computer. Most likely, the only difficulty will be getting an Ethernet cable to the location where you want to put your second access point.

If possible, you can simply run a length of cable through your walls or attic to the second access point. If that isn’t feasible, you can use a PowerLine or Phone (HPNA) network connection for the second access point.

An alternative to a second access point is to simply add a repeater, such as the Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander shown in the photo below. All you have to do is place this device midway between your access point and the computer that’s having trouble connecting.

[Credit: Photo courtesy of Linksys.]
Credit: Photo courtesy of Linksys.