Wireless Network Administration: Password Changing - dummies

Wireless Network Administration: Password Changing

Probably the first thing you should do when you install a wireless access point is to change its administrative password. Most access points have a built-in, web-based setup page that you can access from any web browser to configure the access point’s settings. The setup page is protected by a username and password. However, the username and password are initially set to default values that are easy to guess.

For example, the default username for Linksys access points is blank, and the password is “admin.” If you leave the username and password set to their default values, anyone can access the access point and change its configuration settings, thus bypassing any other security features that you enable for the access point.

So, the first step in securing your wireless access point is changing the setup password to a value that can’t be guessed. Use a random combination of numerals and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Be sure to store the password in a secure location.

If you forget the password, you can press the Reset button on the router to restore it to its factory default. Then, you can log on using the default password, which you can find with the documentation that came with the router.