Wi-Fi Connections for Enterprise Mobile Devices: Blackberry - dummies

Wi-Fi Connections for Enterprise Mobile Devices: Blackberry

By Rich Campagna, Subbu Iyer, Ashwin Krishnan, Mark Bauhaus

Corporate users can easily configure their enterprise BlackBerry devices to connect to public and secure, private Wi-Fi networks. Like Apple iOS and Google Android devices, BlackBerry devices can deliver the same data services over Wi-Fi as on the user’s cellular network and potentially faster download speeds. That means users can access their e-mail and browse the Internet just like on the cellular network.

Some BlackBerry device models support UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), which is provided by some carriers around the world. UMA allows users to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi network, allowing their friends and contacts to reach them on the same mobile number anywhere around the world. As long users are connected to a Wi-Fi network, their phone calls can be routed, without needing to rely on a carrier network.

Here are the steps that your users need to follow to connect to a Wi-Fi network from devices running the BlackBerry operating system:

  1. Select the Manage Connections option on the main menu.

  2. Select the Set Up Wi-Fi Network option.

  3. Select the option to Scan for Networks.

    The device should automatically detect Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity. If not, you need to manually enter the network’s information.

  4. Select a network to connect to.

  5. Enter a password if the network requires one.

    If you connect to an open network, it won’t prompt for a password.