SAP NetWeaver Resources - dummies

By Dan Woods, Jeffrey Word

Part of SAP NetWeaver For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re just getting started with SAP NetWeaver or just want more information about successfully running SAP NetWeaver, check out the following resources for help:

  • Your SAP account representative: If you’re new to the SAP family or don’t currently have an account representative, visit and contact the SAP office closest to you.

  • The SAP Web site: For up-to-the-minute information on just about anything you need to know about SAP, check out The SAP NetWeaver area can be found in the Solutions drop-down list or by visiting

  • SAP NetWeaver tour and SAP business forums: Check out for all the updated information about worldwide tour stops and business events.

  • SAP SAPPHIRE conference: Go to for all the latest information on how to attend this preeminent SAP conference, and what you’ll find at the conference.

  • SAP TechEd conference: Go to to register and see what’s on the agenda.

  • The SAP Developer Network: Go to to get registered and start discovering more about SAP NetWeaver.

  • SAP partners: Go to to find out more about SAP’s ecosystem of partners that can help with your SAP NetWeaver project.

  • SAP user groups: Go to (not an SAP-owned site) for a pretty good list of user groups, or ask your local SAP representative for contact information.