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SAP NetWeaver For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From SAP NetWeaver For Dummies

By Dan Woods, Jeffrey Word

To effectively use SAP NetWeaver for your business, be sure you understand the functions of SAP NetWeaver’s integration components and development tools and the concept of the application stack. Refer to a variety of useful resources for additional information about SAP and managing SAP NetWeaver.

SAP NetWeaver Integration Components

SAP NetWeaver integration components are software products that help accomplish the work of enterprise applications by supplying an effective engine or platform for a particular type of function. The following list shows you the integration components available in SAP NetWeaver:

  • SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) is a set of technologies for creating role-based user interfaces that show you exactly what you need to do your job and make it easier for you to work with business applications.

  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure (SAP MI) is like a universal translator for mobile devices. With SAP MI, you can write one interface that can talk to any device, now or in the future.

  • SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) brings together information, helps analyze and make sense of it, and then distributes both the information and its findings to whoever needs them.

  • SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) is a system for harmonizing information that is distributed across a wide variety of applications.

  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is like a railroad system for data and messages traveling between applications. When two applications need to communicate, SAP XI provides a framework to build adapters to each application.

  • SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) is the foundation on which SAP NetWeaver is built. It’s like the engine behind the scenes of SAP NetWeaver that drives all of SAP’s applications and tools.

SAP NetWeaver Development Tools

In SAP NetWeaver, each development and management tool is designed to help you build application software that leverages all the components. This list represents the development tools and their purposes found in SAP NetWeaver:

  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is based on Eclipse, and it is extended as a modeling environment through frameworks such as SAP Web Dynpro and development tools such as Java Development Infrastructure. It creates applications that run on the SAP Web Application Server.

  • SAP Composite Application Framework (CAF) is a modeling and development environment for creating composite applications (applications built out of services provided by other applications).

  • SAP Solution Manager is SAP’s tool for managing the lifecycle of an application and providing a real-time connection with SAP support services.

The SAP NetWeaver Application Stack

Each of the tools in SAP NetWeaver occupies one or more layers of the application stack. The idea of the application stack is to show how the different layers of business software work together. This list represents the complete application stack in SAP NetWeaver:

  • User interface

  • Process logic

  • Business logic

  • Integration logic

  • Application server

  • Database

  • Operating system

SAP NetWeaver Resources

If you’re just getting started with SAP NetWeaver or just want more information about successfully running SAP NetWeaver, check out the following resources for help:

  • Your SAP account representative: If you’re new to the SAP family or don’t currently have an account representative, visit and contact the SAP office closest to you.

  • The SAP Web site: For up-to-the-minute information on just about anything you need to know about SAP, check out The SAP NetWeaver area can be found in the Solutions drop-down list or by visiting

  • SAP NetWeaver tour and SAP business forums: Check out for all the updated information about worldwide tour stops and business events.

  • SAP SAPPHIRE conference: Go to for all the latest information on how to attend this preeminent SAP conference, and what you’ll find at the conference.

  • SAP TechEd conference: Go to to register and see what’s on the agenda.

  • The SAP Developer Network: Go to to get registered and start discovering more about SAP NetWeaver.

  • SAP partners: Go to to find out more about SAP’s ecosystem of partners that can help with your SAP NetWeaver project.

  • SAP user groups: Go to (not an SAP-owned site) for a pretty good list of user groups, or ask your local SAP representative for contact information.