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Safe Network Computing in Addition to an Antivirus Program

By Doug Lowe

Besides using an antivirus program, you can take a few additional precautions to ensure virus-free computing. If you haven’t talked to your kids about these safe-computing practices, you had better do so soon.

  • Regularly back up your data. If a virus hits you, and your antivirus software can’t repair the damage, you may need the backup to recover your data. Make sure that you restore from a backup that was created before you were infected by the virus!

  • If you buy software from a store and discover that the seal has been broken on the disc package, take the software back. Don’t try to install it on your computer. You don’t hear about tainted software as often as you hear about tainted beef, but if you buy software that’s been opened, it may well be laced with a virus infection.

  • Use your antivirus software to scan your disk for virus infection after your computer has been to a repair shop or worked on by a consultant. These guys don’t intend harm, but they occasionally spread viruses accidentally, simply because they work on so many strange computers.

  • Don’t open email attachments from people you don’t know or attachments you weren’t expecting.

  • Use your antivirus software to scan any floppy disk or CD that doesn’t belong to you before you access any of its files.