Network Administration: Windows User Profile Basics

User profiles automatically maintain basic desktop settings for Windows users. By default, user profiles are stored on each user’s local computer. The following items are just some of the settings that are stored as part of the user profile:

  • Desktop settings in the Display Properties dialog box, including wallpaper, screen savers, and color schemes

  • Start menu programs and Windows toolbar options

  • Favorites, which provide easy access to the files and folders that the user accesses frequently

  • Application Data, such as option settings, custom dictionaries, and so on

  • Cookies, used for Internet browsing

  • My Recent Documents, which keeps shortcuts to the documents most recently accessed by the user

  • Templates, which stores user templates

  • Network Neighborhood, which keeps shortcuts to the user’s network locations

  • Send To, which keeps shortcuts to document-handling utilities

  • Local Settings, such as history and temporary files

  • Printers, which keeps shortcuts to the user’s printers

  • My Documents