Network Administration: Windows Server User Group Creation - dummies

Network Administration: Windows Server User Group Creation

By default, Windows Server 2008 includes a variety of user groups which simplify network administration. If none of the built-in groups meets your needs, you can create your own group by following these steps:

  1. Log on as an administrator.

    You must have administrator privileges to perform this procedure.

  2. Choose Start→Administrative Tools→Active Directory Users and Computers.

    The Active Directory Users and Computers management console appears.

  3. Right-click the domain to which you want to add the group and then choose New→Group.

    The New Object — Group dialog box appears.


  4. Type the name for the new group.

    Enter the name in both text boxes.

  5. Choose the group scope.

    The choices are Domain Local, Global, and Universal. For groups that will be granted access rights to network resources, choose Domain Local. Use Global for groups to which you’ll add users and Domain Local groups. Use Universal groups only if you have a large network with multiple domains.

  6. Choose the group type.

    The choices are Security and Distribution. In most cases, choose Security.

  7. Click OK.

    The group is created.