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Network Administration: Software Deployment via Network

If you plan on installing a program on more than two or three computers on your network, you’ll find it much easier to run the Setup program from a network share rather than from the original CDs or DVDs. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a network share and a folder within the share where you can store the Setup program and other files required to install the program.

    Set up a share named Software and then create a separate folder in this share for each program which will be made available from the network. You should enable Read access for all network users, but allow full access only for yourself and your fellow administrators.

  2. Copy the entire contents of the program’s CD or DVD to the folder you created.

    To do so, insert the CD or DVD in your computer’s CD/DVD drive. Then, use Windows Explorer to select the entire contents of the disc and drag it to the folder you created.

    Alternatively, you can choose Start→Run and enter cmd to open a command prompt. Then, enter a command, such as this:

    xcopy d:*.* \server1softwaresomeprogram*.* /s

    In this example, d: is the drive letter of your CD/DVD drive, server1 is the name of your file server, and software and someprogram are the names of the share and folder you created earlier.

  3. To install the program on a client computer, open a Windows Explorer window, navigate to the share and folder you created earlier, and double-click the Setup.exe file.

    This launches the Setup program.

  4. Follow the instructions displayed by the Setup program.

    When the Setup program is finished, the software is ready to use.

Copying the Setup program to a network share spares you the annoyance of carrying the installation discs to each computer you want to install the software on. It doesn’t spare you the annoyance of purchasing a valid license for each computer! It’s illegal to install the software on more computers than the license you acquired from the vendor allows.