Network Administration: SharePoint Announcement Management - dummies

Network Administration: SharePoint Announcement Management

The SharePoint home page includes an area for announcements. As the site owner, you’ll want to periodically add new announcements to this page and remove old ones. Here are the steps for adding a new announcement:

  1. Click the Add New Announcement link.

    If you don’t see an Add New Announcement link, you don’t have adequate permissions to add new announcements. You can skip the rest of this procedure.

    Assuming you have adequate permissions, the page shown in the following illustration appears.


  2. Type a subject and body for the announcement.

  3. Set an expiration date if you want.

    When you set an expiration date, the message is automatically removed when it has expired.

  4. Click Save.

    The new announcement is added to the top of the list of announcements on the home page.


    You’re done! You and the site’s users can now view and enjoy your latest announcement.

To edit or remove the announcement, click the announcement’s title. This displays a page that lets you modify or delete the announcement.