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Network Administration: Professional Support

Building and nurturing a professional support system will help make you a more effective network administrator. One of your most valuable assets can be a more knowledgeable friend, a personal guru. That way, when you run into a real stumper, you have a friend to call for advice. Here are some tips for handling your own guru:

  • In dealing with your own guru, don’t forget the Computer Geek’s Golden Rule: “Do unto your guru as you would have your own users do unto you.” Don’t pester your guru with simple stuff that you just haven’t spent the time to think through.

    If you have thought it through and can’t come up with a solution, however, give your guru a call. Most computer experts welcome the opportunity to tackle an unusual computer problem. It’s a genetic defect.

  • If you don’t already know someone who knows more about computers than you do, consider joining your local PC users’ group. The group may even have a subgroup that specializes in your networking software or may be devoted entirely to local folks who use the same networking software that you use.

    Odds are good that you’re sure to make a friend or two at a users’ group meeting. Also, you can probably convince your boss to pay any fees required to join the group.

  • If you can’t find a real-life guru, try to find an online guru. Check out the various computing newsgroups on the Internet. Subscribe to online newsletters that are automatically delivered to you via e-mail.