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Network Administration: Manual Software Deployment

After you acquire the correct license for your software, the next task of the network administrator is deploying the software. One of the options is deploying the software manually. Most software is shipped on CD or DVD media along with a Setup program that you run to install the software.

The Setup program usually asks you a series of questions, such as where you want the program installed, whether you want to install all of the program’s features or just the most commonly used features, and so on.

You may also be required to enter a serial number, registration number, license key, or other code that proves you purchased the software. When all these questions are answered, the Setup program then installs the program.

If only a few of your network users will be using a particular program, the Setup program may be the most convenient way to deploy the program. Just take the installation media with you to the computer you want to install the program on, insert the disc into the CD/DVD drive, and run the Setup program.

When you finish manually installing software from a CD or DVD, don’t forget to remove the disc from the drive! It’s easy to leave the disc in the drive, and if the user rarely or never uses the drive, it might be weeks or months before anyone discovers that the disc is missing. By that time, you’ll be hard pressed to remember where it is.