Network Administration: Linux Fedora Setup Agent - dummies

Network Administration: Linux Fedora Setup Agent

When Fedora restarts the first time after completing the Linux installation program, it launches a handy feature called the Setup Agent, as shown in the following figure. (The Setup Agent runs only if you installed a GUI.) The Setup Agent resembles the installation program, but it asks a few questions that the installation program forgot to ask.


When the Setup Agent starts, follow these steps to see it through to completion:

  1. On the Welcome screen, click Forward to get started.

    The Setup Agent displays the License Agreement, as if after going through the previous 15 steps to install Fedora, you’re now going to decide you don’t agree to their terms. It’s useless to resist.

  2. Click Forward to confirm your acceptance of the license agreement.

    The Setup Agent asks you to create a user account so that you don’t have to access the system by using the root account.


  3. Type a name and password for the user account and then click Forward.

    The Setup Agent now asks you to set the date and time.

  4. Select the correct date and time and then click Forward.

    Now the Setup Agent asks if you want to submit details about your hardware configuration as part of an effort to improve Linux’s support for various hardware devices.

  5. Click Send Profile or Do Not Send Profile and then click Finish.

That’s all there is. Your Linux system is now set up and ready to go.