Network Administration: Configuring Outlook for Exchange - dummies

Network Administration: Configuring Outlook for Exchange

After you’ve created an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox for a user, you can then configure that user’s Microsoft Outlook client software to connect to the user’s account. Although you can do this from directly within Outlook, it’s better to do this configuration from outside of Outlook, using the Control Main Mail applet. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Control Panel and open the Mail applet.

    The Mail Setup dialog box appears.


  2. Click the Show Profiles button.

    The Mail Profiles dialog box appears, which lists the mail profiles that already exist on the computer.


  3. Double-click the user’s profile.

    The Mail Setup dialog box appears.


  4. Click the E-mail Accounts button.

    The Account Settings dialog box appears.


  5. Click the New button.

    An Add E-mail Account dialog box appears. Do not enter your e-mail address as prompted in this dialog box. Instead, proceed to Step 6.

  6. Click the Manually Configure Server Settings Or Additional Server Types option and then click Next.

    This brings up a dialog box that asks you what type of e-mail account you want to create. The choices are Internet E-mail, Microsoft Exchange, and Other.

  7. Select the Microsoft Exchange option and then click Next.

    The Add New Account dialog box appears.


  8. Enter the name of the Exchange server and the username in the appropriate text boxes and then click Next.

    The dialog box with the following message appears, “The E-Mail account you have just added will not start until you choose Exit from the File menu, and then restart Microsoft Outlook.”

  9. Click OK.

    The message dialog box disappears, and the last page of the E-Mail Accounts Wizard appears.

  10. Click the Finish button.

    The wizard is dismissed.

  11. Choose File→Exit to close Outlook, and then restart Outlook.

    The mailbox should now be configured.