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Network Administration: BIND Zone Files

Each zone for which your DNS server is authoritative should have a zone file, named and located in the /var/named directory. If you like to edit DNS records directly, you can create this file yourself. Or you can use the point-and-click interface of the Fedora BIND configuration tool to automatically create the file.

Here’s a typical zone file, named

$TTL 86400
@     IN    SOA  root.localhost (
                  2 ; serial
                  28800 ; refresh
                  7200 ; retry
                  604800 ; expire
                  86400 ; ttl
      IN    NS
      IN    NS
@     IN    MX    1
www   IN    A

The following table lists the most common types of records that appear in zone files.

Common Resource Record Types
Type Name Description
SOA Start Of Authority Identifies a zone.
NS Name Server Identifies a name server that is authoritative for the
A Address Maps a fully qualified domain name to an IP address.
CNAME Canonical Name Creates an alias for a fully qualified domain name.
MX Mail Exchange Identifies the mail server for a domain.
PTR Pointer Maps an IP address to a fully qualified domain name for reverse