Network Administration: Active Directory Domain Creation - dummies

Network Administration: Active Directory Domain Creation

Domains are a major component in the Active Directory structure. To create a domain, you start by designating a Windows Server 2008 R2 system to be the new domain’s controller. You can do that by using the Configure Your Server Wizard. This wizard is automatically started when you first install Windows Server 2008 R2. However, you can start it at any time by choosing Start→Administrative Tools→Configure Your Server.

From the Configure Your Server Wizard, select Domain Controller (Active Directory) to start the Active Directory Installation Wizard. This wizard lets you create a new domain by choosing the Domain Controller for a New Domain option. You can also create a new forest or create the new domain in an existing forest.

The Active Directory Installation Wizard asks for a name for the new domain. If you’re creating the first domain for your network, use your company’s domain name, such as If you’re creating a subdomain, use a name such as