Major Players and Products in Mobile Device Security - dummies

Major Players and Products in Mobile Device Security

By Julie Adair King

Part of Mobile Device Security For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Deploying a mobile security and device-management solution in your organization can be a daunting task. You could be dealing with multiple operating systems, disparate devices, and a multitude of data needs. The job is a bit easier when you consider these options:

  • AirWatch: A cross-platform, device-management solution that evolved from an early focus on WLAN network monitoring and troubleshooting. The MDM product is available as either an appliance or a SaaS solution.

  • Good Technology: Best known for their e-mail sandboxing/security solution, called Good Mobile Messaging. They also offer a device-management product, Good Mobile Management, and a VPN solution, Good Mobile Access.

  • Juniper Networks: The Junos Pulse product line focuses on providing security for data in transit; host assessment; strong authentication (via SSL VPN capabilities); device security, including personal firewall, antivirus, and antispam (via the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite); and mobile device management (also via the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite).

  • McAfee: This mobile security product line has evolved through a combination of internally developed functionality (McAfee Mobile Anti-Malware for Enterprise), as well as acquired device-management functionality (McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management).

  • MobileIron: A device-management vendor with some telecom and expense-management expertise. They’re increasingly concentrating on security as a part of their focus on full lifecycle management for mobile devices.

  • Symantec: This vendor has a number of products in the mobile security space, including Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition, which combines antivirus, personal firewall, and antispam; Mobile Management, a mobile device–management offering; Mobile Encryption, a device/disk encryption offering; and Network Access Control Mobile Edition, a version of their NAC product built to support mobile devices.

  • Zenprise: Their cross-platform, mobile device–management product, MobileManager, is designed for full lifecycle management of a mobile device deployment, including a focus on security policy configuration and enforcement.

The mobile device security space is in its infancy, and there are many new entrants into (and departures from) this space on an ongoing basis. The space will likely consolidate over time into a smaller set of industry leaders.