Key Mac OS X Lion Server Information You Should Save

By John Rizzo

Part of Mac OS X Lion Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Complete information regarding every possible configuration for installing Mac OS X Lion Server would be overwhelming. Here’s the core information that everyone should have written down somewhere, both before and after you install Mac OS X Server:

  • Hardware numbers of the server Mac: Serial number and MAC address (also called Ethernet ID), found in the System Information utility in /Applications/Utilities.

  • Administrator Account info: Your short username password that you use during installation.

  • Internet connection information: Router’s IP address, the IP range of your subnet, and the subnet mask; PPPoE account and password if your server is connecting directly to your Internet service provider.

  • Static IP address of your server: Record for each Ethernet port.

  • Hostname of your server: The server in or server.example.private.