Junos for IOS Users - dummies

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

The Junos OS command line interface (CLI) has many built-in tools to guide you while you master its commands and structure. If you already know a command language for another network operating system, such as Cisco’s IOS, you can anticipate many of the Junos OS commands. Junos and IOS have two fundamental differences:

  • Junos OS organizes commands in a structured hierarchy as opposed to a flat file, showing the configuration and commands of each level within its own set of curly braces {}.

  • Junos OS stores changes into a candidate configuration instead of immediately affecting your active configuration file. You don’t affect the active configuration until you commit the changes.

Because Junos doesn’t use the ip keyword in the commands, many of the show commands you already know work if you simply drop the keyword. For example, show ip route becomes show route.

Basic CLI and Systems Management Commands
Junos Command IOS Command
set date clock set
ping ping
request system reboot reload
request message send
show system uptime show clock
show chassis environment show environment
show cli history show history
show system statistics show ip traffic
show logshow log file name show logging
show system processes show processes
show configuration show running config
request support information show tech-support
show system users show users
show version show chassis hardware show version
traceroute trace
Switching Commands
Junos Command IOS Command
show ethernet-switching interfaces No equivalent command
show spanning-tree bridge show spanning-tree
show ethernet-switching table show mac address-table
show log messages show logging
Interface Commands
Junos Command IOS Command
clear interface statistics clear counters
show interfaces
show interfaces detail
show interfaces extensive
show interfaces
show interfaces
show interfaces detail
show interfaces extensive
show ip interface
show interfaces terse show ip interface brief
Routing Protocol Commands
Junos Command IOS Command
clear arp clear arp-cache
show arp show arp
show route show ip route
show route summary show ip route summary
show policy
show policy policy-name
show route-map
show system connections show tcp
show ospf database show ip ospf database
show ospf interface show ip ospf interface
show ospf neighbor show ip ospf neighbor
clear bgp neighbor clear ip bgp
clear bgp damping clear ip bgp dampening
show route protocol bgp show ip bgp
show route community show ip bgp community
show route damping decayed show ip bgp dampened paths
show bgp neighbor show ip bgp neighbors
show route advertising-protocol bgp
show ip bgp neighbors address advertised-routes
show route receive-protocol bgp
show ip bgp neighbors address received-routes
show bgp group show ip bgp peer-group
show route aspath-regex show ip bgp regexp
show bgp summary show ip bgp summary