Use Good Safety Practices when Installing Network Equipment - dummies

Use Good Safety Practices when Installing Network Equipment

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

The importance of following safety protocols can’t be overstated. If proper precautions are not taken, severe harm to personnel or the device can result. Follow these guidelines to ensure your safety and protect the device from damage. Always be alert and exercise good judgment. Note: Only trained and qualified personnel should install the device.

  • Use the Getting Started Guide. Perform only the procedures described in the Getting Started Guide that came with your device. Otherwise, the device might not work as intended.

  • Keep the work area clean. Keep the area around the chassis clear and free before, during, and after installation. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could be caught in the chassis.

  • Wear safety glasses. If you are working under any conditions that could be hazardous to your eyes, wear safety glasses.

  • Get help lifting heavy objects. Never attempt to lift an object that is too heavy for one person to handle.

  • Respect electricity. Don’t risk electrical shock. Do not perform wiring tasks during electrical storms or operate the router unless it is properly grounded.

  • Avoid other shock risks. Don’t open or remove the chassis covers unless instructed, don’t insert objects into openings, avoid spilling liquids, and don’t touch exposed wires or terminals.