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Overview of Juniper Network’s Junos Space

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

Junos Space provides multiple applications for operating your network. Among these are three tools specifically designed to automate and ease troubleshooting and maintenance activities for high network uptime.

  • Service Now: Automates diagnostics to speed up resolution of problems and increase operation efficiency.

  • Service Insight: Enables proactive network maintenance with targeted, network intelligence.

  • Route Insight: Enables rapid planning, troubleshooting, and change simulation.

Service Now

Junos Space Service Now enables Service Automation as a part of Juniper Technical Services for support. This service automation is available to all organizations with a support contract and can speed detection, diagnosis, and remediation of issues requiring Juniper support assistance.

Service Now uses onboard automation and event policies defined by engineers in the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC), the Juniper group that provides customer support. These automation tools perform the first steps that a JTAC engineer would use to help you resolve issues in your network.

For example, the tools detect issues on devices, collect troubleshooting and diagnostic information, and send an indication to the Service Now application. You can optionally choose for your systems to send collected data securely and directly to JTAC, saving you significant time and effort, particularly beneficial when every minute counts during the event of a problem.

Service Insight

Junos Space Service Insight provides data and analysis essential to proactive maintenance of the network. Service Insight uses periodic health data collected via Service Now to provide analysis that lets you take action specific to your implementation — for example, proactive bug and End of Life/End of Service notifications. This service is particularly useful if you maintain numerous devices.

Route Insight

Junos Space Route Insight provides real-time visibility into the dynamic routing operation of the entire network by peering with your devices to create an accurate, up-to-date routed topology map. Route Insight provides real-time alerts of IP-layer network changes and lets network operators record and replay complete network event history in order to understand all application traffic paths.

This historical perspective on route changes can speed up the process of identifying and resolving network problems that often are hard to diagnose. This application can also help you model and simulate network changes, thus enabling you to better understand their potential impact.