Network Modeling with Junosphere Labs - dummies

Network Modeling with Junosphere Labs

By Walter J. Goralski, Cathy Gadecki, Michael Bushong

A common first step of any migration is to model the new network in some way. Junosphere Labs, a cloud-based service offered by Juniper Networks, allows you to virtually build your network at scale. Using the services, you can model and test your new network prior to deployment without the full cost of a physical lab model — an option that isn’t even feasible for large-scale networks.

Junosphere Labs offers a configurable network of virtual routers running Junos OS. Thus, you aren’t just emulating the routing and control functions of your network; with Junosphere Labs you are actually testing routing and control as they will run in your Junos-based network.

Junosphere Labs offers an optional feature, known as Junosphere Connector, to connect your virtual network with physical network elements, either in your lab or in your production network (such as to access route tables), hence expanding the possibilities for testing. The service also includes optional virtual machine images for Junos Space and CentOS, letting you support UNIX network-monitoring tools and a variety of third-party test equipment in your virtual network.

Use Junosphere Labs to ease your migration by testing how your new network will run, especially under the stress of various network and security events. You may also want to confirm interoperability with your existing network and integration with your operational systems, validate operational tools, test deployment and cutover procedures, and gain operational experience.

After your new network is up and running, you can use Junosphere Labs to model changes, explore new features, and qualify software upgrades, as well as to update scenario planning in order to assess the security and availability characteristics of your network under the most recent set of considerations.